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Bright is a smarter, faster way to pay off credit card debt. Using cutting-edge technology, Bright automatically pays off your card debt.

Bright learns about your finances and makes payments for you, always on time, optimized for savings and automatically adjusting as your needs change.

Thousands of users have turned to Bright – a data-smart alternative to the debt snowball, debt avalanche, and credit card consolidation. No more juggling due dates, no more complicated calculations.


1. Download the Bright app
2. Connect your bank accounts and credit cards
3. Define the amount you want to pay each month
4. Get a personalized lighting plan in minutes
5. Bright studies your finances and finds the fastest way to pay off your cards, always saving on fees.
6. Bright makes the payments for you – and even automatically adjusts when your finances change

When you’re ready, your Bright Plan can do much more, save and invest for a future that is yours:

– You set your savings and investment goals
– Bright studies your options
– Bright saves and invests for you – automatically
– Your money grows faster, your future is secure

The Bright subscription is a monthly subscription that begins upon registration. You can cancel anytime, online, 24 hours a day. There are no long term contracts, setup fees or cancellation fees. You can withdraw your funds at any time or suspend Bright’s service on the app.

Bright delivers real results that transform the lives of our members. A new advanced tool for financial well-being.


– Bright is a highly personalized financial plan that pays off debt quickly and automatically creates more wealth. It’s a smarter, faster way for anyone to get off debt, save more, and keep moving forward.

– Your Bright Plan automates the management of credit cards. Credit card consolidation is a built-in option, and Bright Credit Builder can improve credit scores with every payment.

– Bright is built on a new patented technology driven by 34 algorithms with high level security, developed by more than 120 experts and tested on more than 55,000 users.


– We start with a personalized Bright Plan, taking the time to understand your financial situation and learn how much you spend and earn. Next, we calculate the fastest way to pay off your cards, plus smart ways to build your savings.

– Every day, your personalized Bright Plan calculates and adjusts. Whenever your spending changes, Bright automatically adjusts.

‍ – Every two or three days Bright transfers a small amount from your checking account to your “Stash” account at Bright. You can make withdrawals at any time – your funds at Bright are always there for you.

– Week after week, we will make payments for you, based on the balances of all your credit cards. We allocate payments based on your interest charges and your payments are always made on time, so you don’t have to pay late fees.


– We will help you build your savings and your investments in the same way, taking regular small steps and making sure you always earn more interest. Bright’s patented technology learns about you and studies the markets on a daily basis, determining the best way to grow your investments quickly.

– You set your goals, Bright makes sure you get there. As with your debt repayments, you can always make withdrawals or refine your goals, resetting the amount you want to save and invest.


“I paid off 2 credit cards without thinking. Thanks to Bright for making it easy! John, Ohio

“I highly recommend Bright to anyone having trouble with their finances. This app can put more money back in your pocket than you can on your own! »Jeanne, New York

“Truly unique concept. I’m in awe of Bright’s AI component and how it does what it says – pay off your debt. »Gustavo, California


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