Man with drugs to pay off debt gets suspended sentence



A man who was caught holding around € 11,000 worth of cannabis to pay off a drug debt has been given a suspended sentence.

Martin Sands (29) played a role that was “a very important function for drug trafficking in general” by agreeing to detain the drugs, but did not derive any financial benefit from his offense, the judge said before pronouncing the judgment. sadness.

Sands of Robert Emmet Close, in Dublin city center, pleaded guilty in Dublin Circuit Criminal Court for possession of cannabis for sale or supply at this address on October 11, 2019. He has never been convicted of drug offenses.

Sentencing Thursday, Judge Melanie Greally said that due to his own cocaine use, Sands had accumulated a drug debt he was unable to repay.

Judge Greally said he had instead agreed to hold cannabis worth around € 11,000 for another person. She said it was admitted that he was not the beneficiary of the drug trade, but held them for later sale by another.

She said Sands had had “a succession of griefs” in her life that placed a lot of responsibility on her as a caregiver first of her father and now of her brother. She said he had a good work history.

The judge said the accused had a stable partner and two children whom he was motivated “to keep on the right track”.

She said the role Sands played was a “very important function for drug trafficking in general,” but noted that the offense was not committed for her own financial gain.

Judge Greally said that a psychological report submitted to the court indicated that Sands was functioning at a low to medium level in terms of cognitive function and that this appears to be a factor in his tendency to use drugs to suppress the emotionally difficult problems of him. his life. .

She said he was making positive efforts to tackle his risk factors and that she was not going to stop the progress he had made so far.

Judge Greally sentenced Sands to three years in prison, but suspended the sentence in its entirety with strict conditions.



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