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JONESBORO – Although no money is exchanging at this time, the judge in charge of the bankruptcy proceedings of former Craighead County Clerk Kade Holliday has approved a settlement agreement with one of his former Commercial Partners.

Rose Hankins, Holliday’s partner in Total Healthcare LLC, filed a lawsuit against Holliday last July, about two weeks after Holliday’s arrest for stealing more than $ 1.4 million from the Craighead County government.

Hankins, who gave Holliday 30 percent interest in his business, doing business as Twisted Foods Eatery and Meal Prep, in exchange for accounting services, claimed Holliday took a large sum of money and l ‘had bet on her own professional account without her consent.

At least three other companies have filed suit against Total Healthcare and Holliday to collect unpaid debts.

Holliday filed for bankruptcy last October, putting cases filed in state court on hold.

The county and the companies filed separate adversarial proceedings in bankruptcy court, claiming Holliday’s debts to them were not dischargeable through bankruptcy, due to misrepresentation and fraud.

Bankruptcy Judge Phyllis M. Jones on Friday approved an agreement between Holliday, Hankins on behalf of Total Healthcare and Hamilton M. Mitchell, the trustee of the bankrupt’s assets.

The deal allows Hankins to move forward with his trial in circuit court.

This followed a separate May 26 ruling in bankruptcy proceedings which awarded a judgment of $ 2.5 million.

“Once the pecuniary judgment is entered into the state legal action, (Total Healthcare, Hankins and Mitchell) are further authorized to assign all or part of the pecuniary judgment to a third party as part of a negotiated settlement. separately, if the circumstances so warrant, ”the consent order states.

Meanwhile, at White County Circuit Court, Jetton General Contractors of Paragould agreed last week to drop Hankins and Total Healthcare as defendants in his lawsuit to recover more than $ 435,000 for the construction of a building. for Twisted Foods in Nashville, Tenn. Holliday remains a defendant in the White County lawsuit.

A complaint from an opponent of Kapitus Servicing Inc., which is part of a loan company, is still pending and claims that Holliday and Total Healthcare obtained more than $ 500,000 in fraudulent loans.

Previously, the court had ruled that the $ 1,471,413.52 judgment the county received could not be discharged in bankruptcy.


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