Father sells newborn baby to pay off debt, arrested with two others


Tiruchy police have arrested a father who sold his two-month-old baby in order to repay a debt of Rs 80,000. Two other people involved in the incident were also arrested.

According to the police, the child’s mother, Kairunisha (34), filed a complaint against her husband Abdul Salam (42) and two other people on January 23. Kairunisha lived with Abdul and their five children at Keezha Pandamangalam in Woraiyur.

The police cited her and said that she gave her child up for adoption through an intermediary named Arockiyaraj (38) and when she asked him to return her child, he informed her that his husband owed him Rs 80,000 and therefore could not recover his child. return.

Inspector Woraiyur KM Maniraj said that based on Kairunisha’s complaint, they conducted an investigation and upon questioning they found that Kairunisha had apparently signed an adoption deed in the presence of her husband, the intermediary and the parents who adopted the child.

“Adoption can’t be done that way. There is a legal procedure. It would have to be done either by a court or by the district collector and people were apparently unaware of the procedure,” he said.

The inspector added that when they investigated further they learned that Abdul, an alcoholic, was also involved in gambling and had decided to sell his two-month-old male child in exchange for money.

“Thanks to Arockiyaraj, he sold his child to a Santhanakumar (45 years old) and got around Rs 80,000 in installments. Santhanakumar and his wife Latha wanted to adopt a boy because they lost their 15-year-old son in an accident. Abdul spent all the money he received gambling and drinking. On January 19, he convinced his wife to give their child to Santhanakumar. She had apparently agreed given their financial situation but was unaware that her husband had already taken money from Santhanakumar,” the inspector said.

A few days later, Kairunisha asked Abdul to bring her child back as she was unable to live without him, but he reportedly refused. She then went to the police to file a complaint and appealed to bring her child back.

Police arrested the three men on January 23 under Section 81 of the Juvenile Justice Act. They were then remanded in custody and incarcerated in Manaparai Sub-Prison.


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