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For people who invest in the stock market, 2020 has been a year of transformation. What was once seen as a complex way to build wealth, and something only available to high net worth individuals, has become much more accessible with the rise of apps like Robinhood or Freetrade. As a new generation of investors began to enter the market, they also sought out online courses and content to learn more about the stock market and develop their investing skills. The global shutdowns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have only accelerated this desire for online education as people have had more flexibility while working from home. Teri Ijeoma, founder of Trade and Travel, is one entrepreneur who has seen her course enrollment increase significantly over the past year. She has spent the past few years traveling while running her online course that teaches people how to intentionally trade to find financial freedom and live their dreams.

Early beginnings

Teri grew up in Dallas, Texas and was raised by a single mother and her grandmother. Growing up in a humble environment, her family emphasized the value of education as a way for her to advance and succeed. This led Teri to develop an interest in science, especially physics. But after graduating from high school in ninth grade and securing a spot at MIT, Teri decided to study business management, a direction neither she nor her family members expected or even knew about.

Her classes introduced her to economics and probability and after achieving a GPA of 4.5, like many of her peers at MIT, Teri began a career in consulting or finance. An internship at investment bank Morgan Stanley was her first introduction to financial markets, and she found that while she loved interacting with the markets, she really wanted to do something a little more hands-on. While working for Monitor Group in strategy consulting, she was introduced to Teach for America, a nonprofit whose mission is to help create equal opportunity for education. . Given Teri’s childhood and family background, this mission resonated with her and so she ended up moving from Teach For America as a client to working for the organization as part of their Institute of Houston, planning the operations for the classes and workshops they held for members of their corps. .

Working for Teach For America was the start of a number of roles in the educational space for Teri, including working in the youth department of a church, a nonprofit educational organization, and eventually becoming an assistant director at a newly launched school. Each role gave her experience in formulating curriculum, as well as building programs from the ground up – knowledge and skills she was then able to apply early in the launch of Trade and Travel. .

Trade and travel

While working in the education sector, Teri continued to trade in the stock market. She had learned the basics during her internship at Morgan Stanley and had steadily increased her knowledge over the years by reading books and taking courses. In early 2017, a combination of burnout and the sudden death of a close friend caused her to reevaluate her life and make some changes. Life was too short, she realized, and something she had always wanted to do was travel the world.

She knew she needed to supplement her income not only to afford to travel, but also to replace her income so she could quit her job. Based on her calculations, she set herself the goal of earning $300/day through the stock market. Teri invested much more time in training, taking different programs and courses, and in July of the same year, she was able to achieve her goal and quit her job. She goes on tour in Asia and Oceania in 2017 and begins to live what was once just a dream.

As she posted her travels, her friends and family reached out to her and asked the same questions: “How do you have the flexibility to travel like this?” “How do you earn an income? “How can you afford all this travel?” Many were shocked when Teri told them she was trading. Soon she was getting requests from friends to teach them how to trade successfully so they could enjoy the same level of freedom. Teri realized she could combine her passion for teaching and her passion for business to help others build wealth and live their best life.

Start a course

Her first class cost $1,000 per person. But as she refined her content and created more comprehensive packages, she was able to charge more and expand the course to a global audience. His courses went beyond teaching the basics of trading and the stock market to include exploring options, stocks, and stocks. The course and its subscribers continued to grow as many of its past customers referred friends to its course, which still accounts for up to 50% of new signups. Podcast interviews and requests to speak at conferences and community events further expanded her following and she was named Creator of the Year by e-learning website Teachable in 2020 after generating more $10 million in sales.

Today, the trade and travel course format remains online and includes ongoing mentorship. Through her content, Teri helps her clients understand how to find good investments, but more importantly how to manage risk. Hundreds of his clients around the world are now making enough money through trading to stop living on paychecks, pay car payments and mortgages, and even pay off tens of thousands in student debt. Although she is grateful to be living her dream of business and travel, seeing her clients achieve financial freedom is what makes Teri most proud.


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