Capchase secures €399.6m in debt funding as European business grows tenfold


New York-based Capchase, a fintech company that provides financial solutions to startups in the United States and Europe, announced Thursday that it has raised $400 million (about 399.64 million euros) in new debt funding. The new funding comes as the company says its European business is growing tenfold.

The investment came from i80 Group, an investment firm designed to accelerate the innovation economy by driving growth, and an international banking group.

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In addition to funding, Capchase has also launched a new analytics tool to provide founders with critical performance metrics that will improve real-time financial decision-making.

Use of capital

Capchase says it will use the funds to provide funding to thousands of SaaS startups in the US and Europe. The company will support current and future Capchase customers, as well as diversify its current product offerings.

Henrik Grim, MD of Capchase, says, “We have made tremendous progress in Europe in a very short time. There is a huge demand for alternative financing. This demand is only increasing as SaaS startups seek capital to continue growing in these uncertain economic conditions.

The company claims that in less than a year, its European business has increased tenfold. Since the beginning of 2022, it has expanded to the Nordics, the Netherlands and Belgium, and launched its European headquarters in London. Capchase reports that it is now on track to deploy over $1 billion in SaaS businesses over the next few years.

Capchase Analytics

Capchase also announced that it has expanded its platform with “Capchase Analytics,” a tool that helps SaaS founders make real-time financial decisions based on their business performance.

Customers who provide information about their subscription management, accounting, and banking have access to a dashboard with real-time financial analytics. Users can also review their crucial business data in the dashboard, such as monthly recurring revenue, customer retention rate, and burn rate, in real time.

Capchase Co-Founder and CEO Miguel Fernandez says, “One of our long-standing goals has been to provide access to holistic financial insights from the Capchase dashboard, and now Capchase Analytics allows founders to take more informed decisions on a convenient and intuitive platform.Clients who trust and use Capchase for their financing will now be able to better understand their business growth trends, forecast the future, take profitable decisions and to be confident in the timing of their increases.

Founder-Friendly Funding Solution

Founded in 2020 by Ignacio Moreno, Luis Basagoiti, Miguel Fernandez, and Przemek Gotfryd, Capchase helps SaaS companies fund the growth of their operations with cash tied up in future monthly payments. He says companies that work with them are able to secure financing without having to give up their equity.

Since its inception, the startup has worked with nearly 3,000 companies around the world, making more than $2 billion in funding available to founders and extending leads for more than 5,000 months. Capchase estimates that 15% of funding has been extended to women and minority-led businesses — a significant number compared to the limited funding these founders typically receive.

The company’s initial product, Capchase Grow, provides recurring revenue businesses with advance access to future capital. Capchase offers two additional products: Capchase Extend, a buy-it-now, pay-later solution for businesses; and Capchase Earn, a high-yield account that pays a competitive return on companies’ idle cash (such as venture capital funds), helping to further reduce their overall cost of capital.

The company also developed CapScore, a proprietary system that evaluates hundreds of data points (such as subscription rates, growth, cash, etc.) and determines a company’s ability to repay a ready, now and in the near future. real time.

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