All our efforts are made to solve the problems of governance and circular debt: Miftah


Islamabad: Federal Finance and Revenue Minister Miftah Ismail said on Friday that the government was doing all it could to address issues of governance and circular debt.

Speaking to a private TV channel, Miftah Ismail said fuel oil was expensive to generate power, while LNG has become scarce in the market.

He said the government would facilitate the farming community by moving tube wells to solar power. Responding to a question regarding taxes imposed on the poor, the federal minister said that more taxes were imposed on the elite class while the government was reducing taxes on the poor.

He said there was a dire need for improvements to the system to accelerate progress. On high oil prices, Miftah Ismail said tough decisions needed to be made to pull the country out of the current economic crisis. The minister said the government had cut oil prices and shifted aid to the masses.

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Commenting on the role of the opposition, he said it was the responsibility of the opposition to support the government in all decisions taken in the public interest.

On a question on revenue generation, he added that they plan to generate Rs 30-40 billion from the commercial sector. He said a fixed tax would also be imposed on traders.


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