Loans for apprentices: little choice, many difficulties

The apprenticeship contract is used to offer greater flexibility to companies in the management of personnel, with the advantage of reduced costs and the use of a training phase, also used to decide, at the end of the contract, whether or not it is appropriate to hire the apprentice himself.

All aspects that instead go to the detriment of the applicant, penalized primarily by the expiry date of the employment contract. This obviously affects if you want a loan without additional guarantees to offer and with a maturity that exceeds that of the contract itself. Let’s see the various hypotheses.


Financing with small amounts or online, is it possible?

Financing with small amounts or online, is it possible?

If the duration of the loan is within the duration of the contract, then banks and financial companies, even online, can be more flexible in granting the sums requested, but always on condition that they are “small fast loans” or sums low (which in any case do not exceed 5000 dollars). If, on the other hand, the contract expiry period is exceeded, since there are no guarantees on the permanent employment of the apprentice, then at least one must have a guarantor to be included in the contract.


Transfer of the fifth of the salary: can it be done?

Transfer of the fifth of the salary: can it be done?

The apprenticeship contract is special, because although it is part of the permanent contracts, in fact, it is as if it were a temporary contract, among other things with a fairly short duration. This contrasts with the typical minimum duration of the assignment of the fifth (possible above all in the public sector, although with great limitations, even for those with a fixed-term contract, but with at least a long-term duration). Again, this is therefore a form of personal loan that is not actually accessible.


Whom to ask?

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In general, in order to obtain loans for apprentices, one must turn to those banks or financial institutions that provide for types of loans aimed at atypical workers. These loans are very often accessorized with specific policies to protect both parties and normally offer greater decision-making flexibility. In this regard, we find some fairly well-known examples, such as the ‘YesYes Loan Facile Superflash’ by WishSave Finance, which however remains one of the few exceptions in the banking landscape. At the financial level, the following are noted:

  • X-Direct Finance, which grants up to 5000 dollars also for apprentice loans;
  • AstroC redit, which is more oriented towards one-to-one consultancy, and of a personalized type.